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Color ribbon, 5 panels: Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black resin, Heat Seal
Number of prints per roll: up to 400 single-sided cards

Avansia YMCKH Colour Ribbon for non PVC cards

  • Part # RT5F013NAA 

    Evolis YMCKH ribbon for non-PVC cards. The YMCKH ribbon has been designed to enable Evolis retransfer printers to use various card substrates other than PVC: Polycarbonate (PC), PET-G and ABS.

    Polycarbonate cards are ideal for applications where longevity and higher security are mandatory. The YMCKH ribbon consists of a full color ribbon (YMC) and a black resin (K) with an additional Heat Seal (H) panel:YMCKH  The Heat Seal (H) panel is a special coating that is applied after the Y, M, C, K panels to enable better transfer of printing on to cards with uneven surfaces.

    The RT5F013NAA ribbon is designed to work with the Avansia card printers. An Evolis electronic key is delivered with every color ribbon. You will have to install the ribbon first and then install the key inside the printer. This Evolis supply uses our RFID tag system which recognizes automatically the type of ribbon installed in the printer. Without this key, the printer will not print.

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