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Introducing the Magicard Pronto100


Do not underestimate its tiny frame. Designed from the ground up to be best in class: the powerful Pronto100 packs a mighty punch. With a focus on high speed, the highest quality and with the environment a key factor in every aspect of its design and manufacture, the Pronto100 has been developed to exceed the expectations of today’s tech-savvy and connected consumer. Bundled “MagiCard Design & Print” software enables users to produce pin-sharp cards every time, while the power of Magicard’s Clix user interface lets users, wherever they are, operate the Pronto100 over company intranets. The result? A 21st century printer that incorporates Magicard’s decades of card printer experience at a price point appealing to all sectors and which is made to last in Great Britain.


Small footprint – Small but mighty, the Pronto100 proves that the best things come in small packages. With its small footprint and light weight, the Pronto100 will fit into offices large or small while also being ideal for the home worker.


High speed – Quick to set up, quick to operate and quick to deliver the best results. The Pronto100 offers the highest print speed in Magicard’s smallest printer package available today. • HD photo quality - 23 seconds per card • Standard colour - 18 seconds per card • Monochrome - 4.7 seconds per card


Quality – The Pronto100 packs a mighty punch delivering HD photo quality printing out of the box. Delivering photo-realistic colour reproduction, and with top-quality edge-to-edge printing guaranteed, your printed cards will never look so good.


Built-in simplicity – Despite its advanced features, the Pronto100 is no prima donna. Like all Magicard products, the Pronto100 has been designed to be low maintenance and has been built with the best quality materials in a world-class manufacturing facility. The Pronto100 will therefore require only limited support: users do not need a doctorate to use this printer.



Magicard Pronto 100 single-sided Card Printer

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